Monday, February 22, 2010

Goals Card in English

This app is to help you to success in your life to have goals

Many rich people say if you want something believe it

Believe you can do it and it's happen

This is one of 20 apps i build to help you success in all you do(business , relationship, jobs and if you choose to be rich yourself

Goals it very powerful and important

You must to do what i do and many rich do

It hard to be successful but i know you can

If you don't believe yourself you can , don't buy this app

To be rich and successful is your responsibility

Yes you can

After 7 days many ideas start to come , how to reach your goals

After 30 days you sure you can do your goals and you know how to reach any goal

Write every idea if you wait it is gone after you put action on the ideas go to do plan how you do it

My next app is ideas app to help you save your ideas easy

i update goals card app in 1/4/10 (This is my goal)

In birthday of henry ford you can buy this app for free

also in thomas edison birthday also free

And in wright brothers first flight also free

My goal is to help you to reach your goals this year

Please send me feedback to help me improve from goals card

If you think you can you can if you think you can't you're right (Henry Ford)

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